Managing Partner

Executive Master in Marketing & Sales
Fabian Koch is Managing Partner of Humanis AG since 2022, and he takes the operative responsibility for the company. As an entrepreneur, he will expand the already successful team and drive business development. As an entrepreneur, he will expand the already successful team and drive business development.

During his many years of working in the HR, finance, consumer goods and industry sectors, Fabian Koch was able to acquire broad industry know-how in various functions. He has extensive recruiting experience as a personnel service provider and line manager and led the Finance, Banking and HR teams in a renowned personnel consulting firm, which he built up and expanded.

His strength lies in market development and stabilising different teams in a dynamic environment.

After his Bachelor’s degree in International Management at Franklin University in Lugano, Fabian Koch completed a dual Executive Master’s degree with a focus on Marketing and Sales at Bocconi University in Milan and ESADE Law & Business School.

Fabian Koch is bilingual and speaks fluent English and very good Italian in addition to his mother tongues German and French.

In his free time, he is passionate about sailing across the Mediterranean and the Atlantic. In winter, Fabian Koch can be found skiing in the Alps. He is also interested in art and culture.

His personal motto is: “We cannot change the wind, but we can set the sails differently”

Administrative Assistant

Franziska Huwyler has been working as an assistant at Humanis AG since 2021 and supports the consultants in administrative tasks.

She gained her first professional experience during her apprenticeship as a commercial clerk in a trading company. Following her apprenticeship, Franziska Huwyler worked as a clerk in various industries. She was responsible for customer service, data maintenance and marketing. She is currently deepening her knowledge in a part-time further education programme in the field of business administration.

In addition to her mother tongues German and Russian, she has a good knowledge of English.

In her free time, she likes to travel and finds relaxation in sociable cooking. In addition, Franziska Huwyler is a passionate photographer.

Her personal motto is: “Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.”
(Johan Wolfgang von Goethe)

Executive Assistants

Director Business Development & Head Search Executive Assistants

MAS Human Capital Management
Jutta Schilling has been working at Humanis AG since 2015 and successfully established the competence field humanis executive assistance. After her activity as a team leader starting from 2016, she has been promoted to practice Leader in January 2018, is since then member of the executive board and leads the consultants in the competence teams executive assistance, human resources and finance & controlling. Alongside her executive functions, she recruits qualified executive assistants for her clients’ group management or management board.

Jutta Schilling has many years of experience in recruitment and leadership as well as profound business knowledge. She has been working for 18 years for one of the world’s largest IT providers in Switzerland, where she has occupied various management positions and worked as a strategic HR business partner as well as a manager of the career center in Switzerland. Previously, she worked in the management of a mid-size company in the field of sales and marketing for five years. There she was responsible for development and management of new line organisations as well as for HR projects. Jutta Schilling has broad expertise in organisational development and change management. Jutta Schilling has broad expertise in organisational development and change management.

Furthermore, she has in-depth knowledge of talent management and personnel development. dipl. Furthermore, she has in-depth knowledge of talent management and personnel development. She also gained a master degree in human capital management.

Besides her native language German she is fluent in English and has good knowledge of French.

Jutta Schilling is married. She likes to spend her free time with golf, photography and photo editing as well as with family and friends. As a host, she indulges her friends passionately and gladly with her latest cooking creations.

Her personal motto is: “like it – change it – or leave it”

Research Consultant Executive Assistants

Jil Coduti has been working as a Research Consultant in the Humanis AG Research Team since 2022. Her responsibilities include researching potential candidates as well as the systematic and goal-oriented analysis of the current market situation.

She has successfully completed her advanced studies at the higher college in business administration and has further deepened her knowledge and is now ideally prepared to operate successfully in various business administration areas. But Jil Coduti has not only focused on the classic business management aspects. She has recognized that people play a decisive role in business and has therefore decided to study for a bachelor’s degree in business psychology, which she will graduate in 2025.
Parallel to her studies, she acquired valuable know-how in various companies and gained insights into accounting and HR. Before joining Humanis AG, she worked as an office manager and partner assistant and was responsible for a wide range of administrative and organisational tasks.

In addition to her native language German and Italian, Jil Coduti has good language skills in English and French.

In her free time, she enjoys being with family and friends. Besides various sporting activities, travelling and literature are her biggest passions.

Her personal motto is: “create a life that you can’t wait to wake up to.”

Finance & Controlling

Senior Consultant | Finance & Controlling

Master in International Management
Sofia Guidi has been working at the competence team humanis finance and controlling since 2016. As a Senior Consultant, she recruits experts and management personnel in the fields of accounting, controlling, financial analysis and internal audit.

Before joining Humanis AG, she worked in a global personnel consulting company in London. In addition to national and international talent projects, she led all research activities for the executive search and was responsible for market analysis, candidate evaluations and interviews, assessments as well as for the customer relationship management.

She acquired her degree as a Master in International Management with a major in Finance & Accounting, Business Strategy, Human Resource Management and Marketing at a renowned University in London.

In addition to her mother tongue German, she speaks fluent English, Hebrew and Russian.

In her spare time Sofia enjoys playing the piano, doing sports and loves going to the theatre or opera with friends. In addition, she also likes to engage in volunteering activities besides her work.

Her personal motto is: “You have to try the impossible to achieve the possible”
(Hermann Hesse)

Consultant | Finance & Controlling

Master of Arts in Business Management
Bachelor of Arts in Betriebswirtschaftslehre
Kateryna Winteler works as a consultant in the Finance & Controlling team at Humanis AG.

Her strengths include various competencies in finance, investments and recruiting. Before starting at Humanis AG, she worked at a global executive search & leadership consulting in Zurich. Her duties included conducting research and market analysis for global projects across various industries and functions, coordinating project-related information, conducting candidate interviews and assessments, as well as maintaining client relationships.

Before moving to Switzerland, Kateryna worked as a personal financial advisor and columnist for various financial and research media.  She has also worked for an investment foundation with a focus on private portfolios in the commodity trading industry.

Prior to her bachelor’s degree in business administration with a focus on leadership, business strategy and commodity trading at the University of St. Gallen (HSG), she completed a Master of Arts in Business Management in Ukraine.

Kateryna grew up bilingual. In addition to her native languages Ukrainian and Russian, she speaks German and English fluently.

Kateryna enjoys spending her free time with her family and friends. She loves contemporary art, never misses a good exhibition, and enjoys painting. She also travels frequently and is always eager to learn about new places and cultures.

Her personal motto is: “One person can make a difference, and everyone should try” (John Fitzgerald Kennedy)


Senior Consultant | IT

Azir Spahiu has been working as a Senior Consultant in the IT competence team at Humanis AG since 2022. As a Senior Consultant, he specialises in the recruitment of technical specialists and management personalities in the SAP & Engineering sector.

After his commercial degree and his further training in marketing and sales, Azir Spahiu was aware that he has a talent for recognising needs and supporting his customers in a goal-oriented manner. Before joining Humanis, he had already been active in recruiting for various companies, be it traditional headhunting or via new channels such as social media recruiting. Azir Spahiu is characterised by his cosmopolitanism and enthusiasm for new ideas and technology. He is constantly looking for new methods and is not afraid to think outside the box. At Humanis, he uses this characteristic to keep up to date with industry trends and developments. This way, he always has innovative solutions to meet the needs of the customers.

Azir Spahiu is bilingual and speaks fluent English in addition to his mother tongues German and Albanian. 

In his free time, Azir Spahiu tests cuisines from all over the world and finds relaxation with an exciting book. He also travels the world with his young family.

 His personal motto is : “Success is not final, failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that conuts.” (Churchill)

Consultant | IT

Albin Asani works as a consultant in the IT competence team at Humanis AG

Albin Asani is a former software developer who now specialises in consulting in the recruitment field. His ability to understand and communicate complex technical concepts enables him to assist clients in finding the best technical talent. With his background as a software developer, he understands the needs and requirements of the technical teams, which enables him to find high quality candidates that perfectly fit the needs of the company.

In addition to his native German and Albanian, he has a very good command of English.

In his free time, Albin Asani does a lot of sports. He has been doing kickboxing since he was eight years old and also has competition experience. He finds relaxation in the evening with an exciting book. 

His personal motto is: ‘’Your maximum from yesterday is your minimum today.‘’

Human Resources / Payroll / Compensation & Benefits

Senior Consultant | Payroll / Compensation & Benefits

Reto Schlumpf has been working as a Senior Consultant in the human resources competence team at Humanis AG since 2022.

From his professional career spanning more than twenty years, Reto Schlumpf brings in-depth industry knowledge from the agency sector and the hotel industry. In the first five years after his training as a cook and service employee, he worked in various national and international positions and hotel companies. During another four years he oversaw the sales & booking team as head of sales at a leading event agency in Switzerland and then rose to CO-Director. During another four years he oversaw the sales & booking team as head of sales at a leading event agency in Switzerland and then rose to CO-Director. In this position, he expanded his strategic staff, planning and decision-making skills. Before joining Humanis AG, he worked as Head of Sales & Marketing in the Executive Board and was responsible for the overall sales and marketing activities as well as relationship management.

Reto Schlumpf expanded his management skills with a successful degree in Hotel Management HF.
In addition to his native language German, he is fluent in English and has a knowledge of French and Portuguese.

Reto Schlumpf likes to spend his free time doing aikido, cycling and diving. It is also very important to him to spend time with his family and friends and his hobby cooking.

His personal Motto is: “Learn to let go, that is the key to happiness.”

Consultant | Payroll

Kai Kochanek has been working as a Consultant in the human resources competence team with a focus on payroll at Humanis AG.

Kai Kochanek gained many years of experience in the service sector for a large technology group. His activities included technical, personnel and sales consulting as well as the training of internal and external employees. As a result, he has a very customer-oriented way of working and is quick to recognise the big picture. Before joining Humanis, Kai Kochanek worked for one of the largest and globally active recruitment companies, where he was able to build up a broad range of skills.

Parallel to his professional activities, Kai Kochanek completed a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a focus on International Management while working.

In addition to his native German, he is proficient in Polish and English to an almost equally high level.

In his free time, Kai Kochanek is an avid cyclist and diver. Hiking through the Swiss mountains also provides pleasure and balance.

His personal motto is: «Stagnation means regression. » (Rudolf von Bennigsen-Foerder)

Consultant Payroll / Compensation & Benefits

Bernadette Fellay is a trainee in the HR & Payroll team at Humanis ag and is responsible for parts of the recruiting processes for our customers.

Bernadette Fellay gained professional experience in the Swiss online trade. There she was responsible for customer service and the coordination of various activities with external actors in 5 languages. At the same time, she acquired people skills through her studies in therapy kinesiology. Before joining Humanis AG, she worked as a kinesiologist and yoga teacher at a medical practice in Geneva. Through her active listening she quickly recognizes the needs and strengths of her clients. Quality advice and customer loyalty are her top priorities.

Besides her mother tongue French, Bernadette Fellay is fluent in German andEnglisch.. In addition, she speaks well Italian and Spanish.

In her spare time, she does high-intensity workouts and likes swing dancing. She can be found in the mountains, where she enjoys hiking and skiing.

Her personal motto is “Where your talents and the needs of the world cross, there lies your vocation.” (Aristotle)

Sales & Marketing

Consultant | Sales & Marketing

Oseir Feros has been working as a Consultant in the Sales & Marketing Competence Team at Humanis AG since 2023.   

 In his career to date, Oseir has gained extensive experience in both executive search and sales. His activities in personnel consulting included the targeted identification, approach and selection of personalities at management level. The focus was on building a highly professional and sustainable relationship with clients and candidates. Before joining Humanis AG, Oseir acquired his expertise in sales at one of the most successful marketing agencies in Switzerland. This gave him solid practical experience in classic sales and enabled him to add important skills to his portfolio. With a balanced background in recruiting and sales, he quickly understands the needs and requirements of clients and candidates, which enables him to guarantee high quality recruiting that perfectly matches the needs of corporate partners.  

In addition to his native German and Dari, he has a very good command of English.  

In his free time Oseir does a lot of sports. Besides, he is active as a music producer for artists from Germany and Switzerland. Accordingly, he finds his relaxation in listening to and discovering the most diverse music genres. 

His personal motto is: “Paths are created by walking them.” 

Franz Kafka 

Consultant | Sales & Marketing

Anel Balje is working as a Consultant in the Sales & Marketing Competence Team at Humanis AG since 2023.  

After his training in industry, he discovered his enthusiasm for working with people, which led him to pursue a career in sales. Anel’s professional career began in the field at a German IT systems house, where he supported partners in the medical field through software and hardware solutions as well as services, before realizing his ambition to live in Switzerland. 

Previously, he worked for an international media agency, realizing content marketing campaigns that were published in various media formats. As project manager, he managed the entire process from the acquisition of clients to the implementation of marketing solutions for companies and the financing of the projects. 

In addition to his native languages of German and Serbo-Croatian, he speaks English. 

In his free time, Anel Balje enjoys spending time with his family and friends and during the summer months he likes to go to the coast of the Adriatic Sea. He finds relaxation in a captivating movie in the evening or listening to music. 

His personal motto is “Aut viam inveniam aut faciam.” -Hannibal Barkas 

Director | Industry

Werner Ulrich has been working at Humanis AG since 1991, bringing his many years of professional experience to the humanis industry team of experts. He has excellent knowledge of industrial and technical capital goods, as well as of the services sector.

He not only uses the knowledge he has accumulated over many years for filling positions in the sales profession, such as sales consultants, key account managers and sales managers, but also for various key positions in the marketing division of technical firms. He has proven knowledge in mechatronics, electrical engineering, safety, measurement, control technology and HVACR-sector.

After an apprenticeship in the retail trade, Werner Ulrich worked for 15 years in various sales and marketing positions in a technical environment. Before starting in personnel consulting, he headed the German-Swiss branch of a specialised supplier in automation, and managing sales and customer care at the same time.

Werner Ulrich finds relaxation and gets energy through running, reading and social gathering with friends.

His personal motto is: “A man only knows what he can achieve when he tries”
(Niccolò Foscolo)

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